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Oliner Fibre is the only company which specializes in the sale of Radio Frequency Heat Sealing Buffer Materials. What does this mean to the Heat Sealer?

Unparalleled Range of Buffer Solutions

We have 26 different buffer products - all exclusive to us, all in stock — designed specifically for exceptional Heat Sealing performance. You can find the buffer that is perfect for you.

Photo of Buffer Sample Kit, 12.3kb
Only Oliner Fibre can offer this kind of Buffer selection

Unrivaled Consistency and Reliability

Our SealGuard buffers are made to our specifications by manufacturers who have been making our products for many years. You can stop worrying about variations in buffer characteristics and quality.

30 Years of Experience

Hundreds of loyal customers have used our products over and over again. We've used this experience to refine our products. Their quality and reliability has stood the test of time. Imagine what they could do for you.

Deal with a Buffer Specialist

No one else can offer our broad range of solutions. No one else can offer products uniquely designed for Radio Frequency Heat Sealing, long term relationships with manufacturers to insure quality and consistency, and all buffers stocked for quick shipment.

What's the next step? Call us at 800 654 6373, or e-mail us. Talk to our Buffer Specialists. We'll send you a Buffer Sample Kit like the one pictured above. We'll recommend which of our grades you should try, and send you free samples to test. We'll find the buffer that's right for you.

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