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Types of Sheet Lifter

Sheet Lifters are made in five basic shapes:

Boomerang Sheet Lifter
Boomerang. Boomerang lifters are ideal for D-ring and Slant-D binders. Their boomerang shape gives the maximum page-turning power at a lower price. Buy It
Curved Sheet Lifter Curved. Curved lifters are designed for round ring binders. Ideally, they should be used for 1.5 " rings and below, using Gull Wing-shaped lifters for 2" and wider. Made in 2" nominal and 3" nominal widths. Buy It
Gull Wing Sheet Lifter Gull Wing. Excellent for medium-sized round and oval rings. Buy It
Flat Sheet Lifter Flat. Flat lifters can be used in D-ring and Slant-D binders. They can also be used in round ring binders, especially in the larger ring diameters. Made in 3", 5" and 8.5" widths. Buy It
Molded Sheet Lifter Molded. Used primarily for specialty binders, such as those used in the legal profession. Buy It

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