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Vulcanex Vulcanized Fibre is made to the highest Quality standards. Vulcanex has superior flatness, punching and forming capabilities, and better dimensional stability than other types of Vulcanized Fibre.

Vulcanized Fibre is a hard, durable, chemically pure cellulose product that contains no resin or bonding agents. Vulcanized Fibre is manufactured in Rolls, Coils, Sheets, Tubes and Rods. The electrical grade of Vulcanized Fibre is sometimes referred to as Fish Paper.

We have Full Slitting Facilities in-house

Vulcanized Fibre can be used for washers, insulating plates, switch and appliance insulation, electric motor insulation, gaskets, automobile parts, luggage, patterns, and many other applications. Its properties include:

  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Excellent Resistance to Heat and Cold, superior to most plastics
  • Light Weight, Half the weight of Aluminum
  • Excellent Electrical Properties
  • Good Arc Resistance
  • Excellent Tear Resistance
  • Can be Machined with Standard Tools
  • Available in Rolls and Coils for easy automatic punching

Things you probably want to know about Vulcanex Vulcanized Fibre:

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