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Nomex Substitute Materials
Nomex® is a material made by Dupont. It is both temperature resistant and flame retardant. We do not sell Nomex.

However, Nomex is very expensive, and delivery times for it have been very long. It has even been on allocation, so it has been very, very difficult for some customers to get.

Because of this, we are seeing substantial customer interest in Vulcanex as a substitute for Nomex. We have seen that in some applications, Nomex has been specified just because engineers are more familiar with it, even though it was substantially over-engineered for the needs of the application.

In other cases, the considerable difference between Vulcanex and Nomex in both cost and delivery time may make a certain amount of reengineering and redesign yield considerable benefit to the customer.

We offer two materials which can be used as Nomex Substitutes:

Standard Vulcanex as a Nomex Substitute

Vulcanex Vulcanized Fibre has many of the same physical properties as Nomex. It is strong, flexible, formable and has good temperature resistance at ambient temperatures.

It is not as heat-resistant as Nomex. Nomex is Class H (180° C), and standard Vulcanex is Class A (110° C), so Vulcanex does not have the same high temperature rating. Therefore, Vulcanex may not be an appropriate substitute for every use of Nomex.

Vulcanex is an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Recognized Component and has a UL flame retardancy rating of 94-HB.

FR-781 as a Nomex Substitute

Vulcanex is also available in a special grade, FR-781. FR-781 has all of the great qualities of standard Vulcanex, but it has a flame-retardant chemical additive which increases the flame retardancy from 94-HB to to 94 V-0.FR-781 is also an Underwriters Laboratories Recognized Material.

However, FR-781 is still not a perfect substitute for Nomex because Nomex has a higher temperature class.

More information about Standard Vulcanex and FR-781 can be found here. Or you can contact us here.

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Note: Nomex® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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