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Our History

Oliner Fibre was started by Leo Oliner in 1910, and originally operated a Fibreboard Mill in Hop River, Connecticut.

In 1939, Oliner Fibre expanded into other products, first into Vulcanized Fibre, then into our other product lines. Initially based in the New York Market, Oliner Fibre has now become a truly national and international company, selling our products to many countries around the world.

Oliner Fibre has grown from our first factory on Wooster Street in Manhattan to a larger plant in Brooklyn, and now to our present facility in Union, New Jersey. We are now in a modern, state of the art facility that enables us to serve our customers even more efficiently and promptly.

Our Modern Facility

Now being operated by the third generation of the Oliner family, we have grown to carry five product lines –

Our ISO 9000 Certification

In April 2003, we became certified to ISO 9001:2000, and in March 2017, we were certified to ISO 9001:2015. This means that we have systems in place to ensure that we

  • Work to fully understand customer requirements
  • Provide what our customers need in a consistent and effective manner
  • Systematically find opportunities for improvement, and implement them
  • Monitor and continually improve customer satisfaction

and that the existence and adequacy of our systems has been audited by an independent and knowledgeable third party.

We consider our ISO certification to be an important accomplishment for us. It validates a lot of the work that we have done over the years to improve our organization, and it gives us a structure to progress even farther.

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